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Can I take all three products (Clarity, Zone and Serenity) on the same day?

Can I take all three products (Clarity, Zone and Serenity) on the same day?

Yes you can take all 3 products on the same day (however do not exceed the individual products usage instructions).

The Natural Cognitive fuels range has been specifically designed to work well when combined together throughout the day, or if the individual products are taken separately. You may see more pronounced and quicker benefits, if you combine the 3 products evenly spaced throughout the day.

Usage examples:

  • Zone – Should be taken 40 mins prior to any demanding physical or mental tasks in which speed of reaction and mental processing are the difference maker (such as elite level sports or mentally demanding, dynamic work environments). Zone should be avoided in the hours prior to sleep.
  • Clarity – Can be taken at any time of the day. Clarity is a 360 degree approach. Regular and consistent use of Clarity supports and optimises long term Cognitive Health.
  • Serenity – Serenity can be taken at any time of the day to promote feelings of calm and positivity (without feeling drowsy and lethargic).

Alternatively Serenity can be taken 1 hour prior to sleep; it has also been designed to promote deep sleep quality. It does not cause a drowsy, lethargic feeling that many encounter when using conventional sleep supplements.

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