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What Are Nootropics & Adaptogens?

The 3 initial Neura products, collectively known as the Natural Cognitive Fuels range, all contain ingredients known as Nootropics & Adpatogens. The way they work and their benefits are incredibly interesting topics, which we will continue to explore and discuss in these regular blog posts.

What Are Nootropics & Adaptogens?

The term Nootropic is used to categorise a substance with the capacity to enhance Cognitive Function (brain health and activity). Nootropics can be either synthetic (man-made) or naturally occurring; Neura products only incude natural Nootropics.

Adaptogen’s are natural substances which promote optimal physiological functioning, resulting in improvements in mood the reduction of anxiety and a greater capacity to deal with stress.

With consistent use, Nootropics and Adaptogens optimise your Cognitive Health for the long term.

Just as consuming nutrient dense foods are vital for a healthy functioning body, advances in science are now demonstrating the benefits gained to our Cognitive Health from supplementing with Nootropics & Adaptogens.

How do they work?

Nootropics & Adaptogens support brain health and function in a number of diverse ways, and with regular use, work to make the brain healthier.

Benefits gained from consistent and regular use of Nootropics & Adaptogens

    They promote positive brain and nerve health while reduce the effects of age related cognitive decline (which begins in healthy adults in their 20’s).

  • Improved mood
  • Greater efficiency in completing tasks and multitasking
  • Improved memory and information retention
  • Greater levels of focus and motivation
  • Improved deep sleep quality
  • Reduction in anxiety
  • Faster reaction times & information processing (both physically and mentally)
  • Increase in mental energy

The science

Below you will find a more detailed explanation of the way Nootropics work to improve Cognitive Health. Future blog articles will explore Adaptogens in more detail.

Maintain neuronal health – The human brain consists of an estimated 100 billion neurons. Neurons are highly specialised cells which perform a number of critical roles, including the transmission of information to other nerve cells and to the rest of the body.

Neuroprotection – Nootropics are an effective neuroprotector of the central nervous system, they have been shown to maintain and protect the brains neurons from inflammation, oxidative stress, overstimulation and the action of free radicals produced by the body.

Neurogenesis – The majority of neurons within the human brain develop prior to birth and when these neurons die they are not replaced. However via the process of neurogenesis, recent research has demonstrated that certain Nootropics appear to encourage the creation of new neurons in specific parts of the brain, which may produce an improvement in overall cognition and potentially reduce the likelihood of neurodegenerative disorders.

Increase blood & nutrient circulation to the brain

The brain relies on a continuous supply of oxygen and nutrient rich blood to operate efficiently. Natural Nootropics can increase cerebral blood circulation shuttling nutrients and oxygen into the brain.

Nootropics act as a vasodilator of the blood vessels in the brain, this means Nootropics are able to widen and relax these blood vessels allowing an increase in the oxygen and nutrient levels being transported to, and within the brain structure.

Nootropics are powerful antioxidants and reduce inflammation in the brain

Common causes of inflammation in the brain include chronic inflammation in the body, leaky gut, high blood sugar and diabetes, hormone imbalances, hypothyroidism, food intolerances (particularly gluten) and a stressful lifestyle can all contribute to inflammation levels in the brain.

Ongoing inflammation in the brain can have serious consequences, including premature aging of the brain leading to accelerated cognitive decline, depression and serious neuro degenerative diseases.

The first course of action in any of the above instances should be to seek advice from a medical professional; however natural Nootropics can assist and support an ongoing reduction of inflammation in the brain.

Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of messaging in the brain

Neurotransmitters are chemicals that allow neurons in the brain to communicate efficiently. They enable the brain to perform numerous functions integral to everyday life. Natural Nootropics can influence the concentration of neurotransmitters within the brain improving their activity levels and the transmission of messages between neurons.


Neura products contain the highest quality natural Nootropics, which have been extensively studied for their effectiveness, these individual Nootropics are included in industry leading dosages matching and often exceeding the clinically proven effective levels. The result is products of unmatched quality and effectiveness.

If there is anything specifically that you would like us to cover in these blogs, whether that’s Nootropics, Adpatogens or the Neura concept in general, do let us know.



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